by Jessie Parkeanada

Jessie Parker, Ottawa, Canada
Fine Art Photography and Digital Art

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In my most recent Fine Art Photography, I use the camera as a tool to paint with light so that the image is derived from what the camera can see but the eye cannot ! To tempt you, here is one of my recent art works from my Lightscapes collection.


Please note: I am also showing my Urban Jazz and Lightscapes works through Fine Art America.The images here are just a few to get you interested.

The above image is showing in Rotterdam Art Fair in September,2016 ! To see my interview for that show click here.

In other photo based work I use a trendy new medium , wherein I transform my own photos and photo-montage into   "photobased digital art" , which employs some digital "painting" techniques with often startling, powerful results.


  award winning  "Dance The Night Away"

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Explore this exciting work on my photo galleries.

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 All of my photos and photo based digital art were produced from my own original imagery and are copyrighted. All rights reserved.  This means that any images purchased are for personal use only and therefore may not be reproduced in any form, resold, or used for any commercial purpose without the written permission of the artist (Jessie Parker) and payment of the appropriate copyright fee.

Please note: I am now using Digimarc to watermark my images. Digimarc is an electronic tracking device, which can trace unauthorized downloads. It is embedded throughout the image yet is invisible to the naked eye.