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Photo Based Art

Jessie Parker     ARTIST STATEMENT

My images that operate on both the physical and metaphorical levels. Since the mid 70’s my photo based art has pushed the envelope technically and visually, often going beyond the “traditional” depiction of subjects, teasing the viewer to ponder, puzzle and find their own answers influenced by their own history.. I play with what is real and what seems real but isn’t; the visionary and the trans-formative. Photography is the catalyst to unearth new vistas, worlds, concepts, truths, re-presenting the world and inviting us to see otherwise.

In the late 90’s my discovery of the digital darkroom, and use of Photoshop was a technical blessing as it greatly expanded what was possible with film. I was also grateful to not have to suffer from use of chemicals to which I am allergic. Since 2001, my photo based work has been entirely digital.

Since 2009, when I discovered the newly invented digital "painting" medium, I have been exploring in what I call “photobased digital art” . Since I started out as a painter; I have now come full circle with this. Neither traditional photography alone nor traditional painting alone can achieve what is visually possible through the combination of digital photography and digital art. Starting with self-sourced photo based art, I apply digital “paint’ stoke by stroke, transforming and translating the image into a new visual language. While I sometimes use my existing photos as sources, I am now more often making new photographs and photo-montages with the end result in mind, while allowing myself the freedom to evolve the image intuitively as I go along, my right and left brains working in consort. In fact, I find I am seeing, thinking and photographing differently as time goes on. In my “Hidden In Plain Sight” Suite of photographs,  I am discovering hidden truths in common subjects, as if they were pent up memories or secrets or fears. If I were to stand you in front of what I photographed, you likely would not find what I saw, hence the title of the Suite.

In the spring of 2013,on a trip to NYC, I discovered a new mode of expression which I call "painting with Light" wherein I move the camera, almost like using the camera as a "brush". The results are quite abstract and explore the romance and magic of the city at dusk/dawn. This has led on to what I now call "lightscapes" which also involve use of pyrotechnic imagery and digital enhancement . This is my current passion and main involvement.

My new lightscapes are derived and developed from what the camera can "see" but the eye cannot. The eye sees at about 1/125 of a second. I used a much slower speed so that I can move the camera and produce images that are magical and mysterious, and in some cases even combining images to create a whole new world.

I believe that the artist is just the conduit to get the creative process started. That process is completed by the viewer, so that each work is in fact many works s each viewer brings their own history, hopes , and memories to their interpretation of the art work.

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