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Photo Based Art

Jessie Parker:

Photobased Digital Art

In 2009, I discovered photo based art techniques as a digital medium. This greatly expands my photo based art repertoire and is like ?coming home? as I started out as an artist in oils and drawing media back in the 60?s. The style and technique I have developed is unique to me. I am now finding that I photograph my source images differently as I "see" the world now in terms of digital "painting", which is often not the same as conventional photographic perception. This is really a digital mixed medium as it combines photography with digital "painting" techniques.

For digital "painting" techniques, using various kinds of software, switching back and forth as I develop an image, ending up with many layers, I can build up some stunning work, all in the computer in a somewhat complex process. No dusty chalks or smelly turpentine. I use a Wacom tablet, with a stylus pen which will function like any kind of pencil, pen or brush I want, even to the same style of brush strokes. I can control the thickness of "paint", and everything I would control with actual paint,ink,etc. I can even combine "media" which would not be possible with "real" media: like charcoal and oils. Sometimes I combine(montage) with drawings I have done specifically for the image. This new medium seems simple at first blush , yet is proving to be unendingly complex in reality.

The end result can be printed any size I want . So, it is possible to print an image large on stretched canvas or metal, other sizes on watercolor type paper.For paper prints,I mostly use archival rag papers (usually Hahnemuhle papers from Germany) which are museum archival quality, and I also print on archival quality special canvas,or diffused aluminum,which is light fast for up to 200 years. For diffused aluminum the image is printed on a substrate then fused with the aluminum with high heat and pressure, so that the image becomes a part of the metal. Very permanent and the highest quality archival available today. Also very expensive to print.The kind of thing you put into your will for your heirs!

What you see here is evolved from my own photography. I never use derivative material.

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